Sonya Pereira

I signed up as a Distributor on May 31, 2012. Like a lot of people, my husband and I were affected with the housing “crash”. We had 2 beautiful homes…One house we lived in, and the other we rented. As the economy worsened we lost our tenants, and had a hard time paying for bills. We tried to short sell our homes, but the bank would not approve any offers. We borrowed money from one house to pay for the other, and started working overtime to keep up with our debt. We found ourselves barely spending time with one another and our family. Despite our efforts we ended up losing both our homes and found ourselves more distant than ever. We sought legal advice and decided to file for bankruptcy October of 2009. Both my husband and I have great jobs, but because of everything that happened we were living paycheck to paycheck paying for all of our debt. Now instead of two house payments, we had bankruptcy debt and rent that we now had to pay. 

We did what we could to stay connected even though we were working extra hours. Then one day I was on Facebook and my cousin posted about these CrAzy wrap things!! Curiosity got the best of me and I had to find out more. I was never involved with a direct sales company. I ended up signing as a DT not knowing what I was doing. I thought to myself, “I just want to try these wraps, and if I like them I can sell them to my friends and make a little extra cash on the side.” I got my wraps, did all four, and got amazing results! I started spreading the word to some friends and family but didn’t get too involved in the “business part of it". A couple months passed and I did more research on the products, and I was plugging in to more of the conference calls. I finally realized the huge potential of this business! I began to really "Work the business" and I found myself climbing each step. At that time I was working at three different hospitals, and trying to do the wrap business on the side. I was never home and my husband and I rarely saw each other. I remember thinking..."This is not working for me, I need to just stop. I am way too busy to be working this business AND work in 3 different hospitals"… BUT, I still had that little voice in my head that was telling me "WHAT IF". I made up my mind to focus, and in one month I jumped from Ruby to Diamond!! I stayed at Diamond for a few months, and then went straight to Triple making 5 figures a month! I still can’t believe how my life has changed in one year! It has been a blessing to our family and our marriage.  I would love to extend this opportunity to each and every one of you…just say the word and I will help you change your life too…

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